Over 20 Creative Ways to Take a Seat

Prickly Pair Chairs

website: Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers homepage
cactus chair by valentina gonzalescactus chairs by valentina gonzales close

Valentina Gonzales blends two iconographic elements: the classical French Louis XV oval chair originated in Rococo period and the Nopal cactus symbolizing Mexican heritage and national pride. “Shapes, materials, colours, textures and finishes collide in irreverent and playful harmony; the Prickly pair chairs are a statement against prejudice and preconceptions.”


Lila Jang’s canape

website: via wrongdistance.com
lila jang canape

Unusual sofa by Lila Jang was a part of Artistes Parcours Saint Germain 2008 in Paris, where the creations of young artists were exhibited for 3 weeks in Saint-Germain-des-Prés luxury stores. The sofa by Lila Jang was exhibited at the baby clothing store Bonpoint belonging to the famous French childrenswear couture house.


UP 5 (Serie UP 2000)

website: bebitalia.com
bebitalia armchair in silverbebitalia armchair striped

“A female figure tied to a ball-shaped ottoman symbolizing the shackles that keep women subjugated.” Designed by Getano Pesce for B & B ITALIA.



website: via www.edra.com
sofa edra 1sofa edra 2

Deliberately iconic piece. The settee has 9 cushions fixed to an invisible metal tube frame. Designed by Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana.



website: Design Studio Spell
sweet stool by design studio spell sweet stool by design studio spell 2

These undeniably sweet stools subtitled “stools dipped in pleasure” are designed by Sander van der Haar and Jaromir Maas. “Sweet stool is inspired by the process of ice-cream making. Like ice-cream, Sweet is coated in a layer, that is both durable and delicious.”



website: Imaginary Office
pleats pleats sofapleats pleats sofa 1

Designed by Daniel Hedner. “A sofa where precision steel meets handicrafts. Take a seat in a weave of clothed polyurethane foam, that wraps around a white powder coated steel pipe frame in a macramé style”



website: Meblarium Paweł Grunert
sie43 chair by Pawel Grunertsie43 chair by Pawel Grunert 1

The 150x80x90(h) cm armchair made of stainless steel and PET bottles. Designed by Paweł Grunert, Poland.



website: Meblarium Paweł Grunert
SIE9 chair by Pawel Grunert
The 100x100x100 cm armchair made of cane, rope, glue. Designed by Paweł Grunert, Poland.


Nina Sanders Never / Smooth Blend / Delicate Landscape

website: Nina Saunders’ Portfolio
nina saunders never sofaartwork smooth blend nina saunders


delicate landscape armchair
Two older (Never 1999, Smooth Blend 2001) and one recent (Delicate Landscape 2009) designs by a Danish artist Nina Saunders, currently living and working in London.


Felt Up

website: Charlotte Kingsnorth Portfolio
felt up chair by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth. A chair made from a single sheet of 16mm thick industrial felt on a steel frame.


The LumBar Stool

website: James Douglas homepage
lumbar stool by James Douglaslumbar stool by James Douglas construction

Designed by James Douglas: “I created a piece of seating expressing the gravity defying physical forms of the so called mushroom rocks. Mushroom rocks are described as stone structures which have be eroded at a quicker pace lower down the form rather than at the top. Leaving a bulbous globe- like upper section supported on a thin fragile stem.”


Stitch Stool and Chair

website: Cappellini (stool) / Cappellini (chair)
stitch chair and stool


Designed by Adam Goodrum. Folding chair and stool completely manufactured with aluminium plate, available polish lacquered in white, blue, yellow, grey, red and black colours or in a multi-coloured version in a fixed combination of the same colours. Feet in white polypropylene. The hinges allow to have a seat that can reduce to minimum its dimensions when folded up.



website: ERIC KU homepage
alphabet chair by Eric KU

Designed by ERIC KU: “An inspiration from the American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair. Instead of giving new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets.”



website: Cappellini
cappellini proust armchair

Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Armchair with hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame, upholstered with fixed multicolor fabric matching the colours of the structure. This armchair is the re-edition of one of the historic pieces of contemporary italian design.


Proust Geometrica

website: Cappellinidesigned by Alessandro Mendini
capellini proust geometrica armchair

Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Armchair with wooden frame, upholstered with a new multi-colour fabric designed by Alessandro Mendini. Created in 1978 for the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, Proust was immediately recognized as an icon of twentieth century design and one of the most renowned and essential reference points in the quest for form and aesthetic perfection. Cappellini inherited the piece in 1993 and today Proust Geometrica, upholstered and hand-finished according to tradition, preserves the forms of the original armchair while refreshing them and breathing new life into the image and value of the original design.



website: Cappellini
peacock cappellini armchair

Desiged by Dror. Armchair realized with a single crumpled sheet of felt, one-colour (green or blue) or double-colour (green and blue coupled with grey colour). Base in metal, powder varnished in dark brown colour. Double-colour felt can be used leaving on front side both the coloured surface and the grey one.



website: Cappellini
Antler Cappellini armchair

Designed by Nendo. Low armchair, assembled massive ash olive tree-stained backrest, soft seat in moulded polyurethane upholstered in Feltro fabric (grey, green, light brown and dark brown) or leather and extra leather. Covers in light colours have contrasting seams in brown colour, covers in dark colours have contrasting seams in sand colour. A cushion in acrylic fiber covered in Tibetan lamb fur is also available.


Console Bookshelf

website: Stanislav Katz’s homepage

Designed by Stanislav Katz. A bookshelf and a seat at the same time that allows you immediately get lost in your reading.



website: www.ligne-roset.com
ligne roset upholstery

Designed by Philippe Nigro . “Confluences may be considered to be a trailblazer in terms of the new trend for ‘counterforms’ as characterised by the interwoven yin-yang or puzzle-type effect. It will be just as pleasing to lovers of radical design, pioneers searching for a settee which is totally different from any other, as it will to all those who are seduced first and foremost by the freedom of posture and unheard-of conviviality offered by its colorful, unbridled compositions.”


In this post, we feature creative and/or simply beautiful seats by both recognized design authorities and extremely talented debutants. This selection covers: sofas, armchairs, chairs and stools. Over 20 objects inviting you to have a quick seat or to lounge comfortably and relax.


  1. These are so awesome! I love all the inspirations I find here! The braided yellow one is my fav…

  2. The peacock and console chairs are seats I’d buy for my apartment! (I plan to acually do that) & the prickerly chair is a good seat to have when people I don’t like come over. ;)

  3. Very Clever. Fantastic.

  4. Wow! Those chairs are really amazing. Very creative and artistic.

  5. Kirsten

    Amazing! I love the bookshelf chair!
    I would buy that in a heartbeat!

  6. eduardo

    some of these are stupid
    more art than design

  7. Grunert my 1. !!!!

  8. Interesting design for only show :)

  9. Tom

    I really liked how all of these chairs are weird, compared to normal ones. It would be awesome to have one of these in my house. I think they are great!

  10. james

    im so inspired by this great stuff

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