Kids through the Eyes of 10 Great Illustrators

Ester Garcia

website: Ester Garcia’s personal website
Ester Garcia kids in illustration 1Ester Garcia kids in illustration 2


Oliver Jeffers

website: Oliver Jeffers’s personal website
Oliver Jeffers 1Oliver Jeffers 2


Cally Johnson-Issacs

website: Cally Jane studio
Cally Johnson Isaacs


Amy Cartwright

website: Amy Cartwright’s blog
Happy Soda by Amy Cartwright Amy Cartwright


Rachelly Plaut

website: Rachelly Plaut’s Portfolio
Rachelly Plaut 1Rachelly Plaut 2Rachelly Plaut 3Rachelly Plaut 4


Ana Bagayan

website: Ana Bagayan’s Portfolio
Ana Bagayan Victorville CarnivaleAna Bagayan Cornfull and Cindy


Sophie Blackall

website: Sophie Blackall’s Portfolio
Sophie Blackall Skipping GirlSophie Blackall Sleeping kids 1Sophie Blackall Sleeping kids 2


Gaia Bordicchia

website: Gaia Bordicchia’s Portfolio
Gaia Bordicchia 1Gaia Bordicchia 1


Vadim Gannenko

website: Vadim Gannenko’s Portfolio on Behance
Vadim Gannenko City ToysVadim Gannenko HoroscopeVadim Gannenko Friends


Isabel Roxas

website: Isabel Roxas’s Portfolio on Behance
Isabel Roxas Day at the Market


Look at the children through the eyes of 10 great illustrators. Dive into dreams and memories, get closer to your own kids or just (and that’s what I will do) let you pamper shamelessly your inner child. Get inspired.

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