Handmade Twitter Birds

Ashley Anna Brown, USA
website: Ashley’s site
Handmade Twitter Bird Made from a Lovely Recycled Flannel

Basia Hetman-Sajdak (our mom), Poland
website: Basia’s Flickr
Handmade Felt Twitter Bird
Handmade Felt Twitter Bird
Handmade Felt Twitter Bird
Handmade Felt Twitter Bird
Handmade Felt Twitter Bird
Handmade Felt Twitter Birds Earrings


Brian Kopp, USA
website: Brian’s Flickr
Twitter Bird on the Fence


Amy Gurumi, USA
website: Amy Gurumi’s Blog
Twitter Bird in a Chair


Pandora, Australia
website: Philosophi – Pandora’s Etsy
Gold Bird Earrings with Sterling Silver Hand-shaped Ear wires - Twitter


Jackie Kaufman, USA
website: rockmyworldinc – Jackie Kaufman’s Etsy
Sterling Silver Twitter Bird Ring


Amy D
website: Always Amy Blog
Sweet Twitter Bird - Handmade Necklace


Zephyr Woods, USA
website: Zephyr Woods – Etsy
Wood Handmade Twitter Pendants


website: Karenika’s Flickr

Handmade Twitter Bird - Paper Tag


Kats Mendoza – postcool, USA
website: Kats Mendoza’s Flickr

Handmade Twitter Birds - Jewelry


Bakerella, USA
website: Bakerella Blog

Twitter Cupcakes


The Bleeding Heart Bakery, USA
website: The Bleeding Heart Bakery’s Site

Handmade Twitter Birds - Cookies


Raven Motoui
website: Ranen’s Flickr

Handmade Twitter Bird - Knitting


Lisa Jordan, USA
website: Lisa Jordan’s Blog
Handmade Twitter Birds - the Eyeglass Felt Case Handmade Felt Twitter BirdsHandmade Felt Twitter BirdHandmade Felt Twitter Bird


Andrea – TicklyMoo, New Zealand
website: Andrea’s Blog

Handmade Twittering Bird Friends
Birdy Brooch


Sarah Miles
website: Sarah Miles’s Flickr
Handmade Felt Twitter Birds


Charlie Carter, USA
website: Charlie Carter’s Etsy

Twitter Bird Earrings


Patty – L&B Accessories , Italy
website: Patty’s Blog
Double Birds Wallet


Sparkle Thots, Singapore
website: Sparkle Thots Blog
Twittering In Blue


Judith – Artsyclay, USA
website: Judith’s Blog
Little Blue Bird Pendant - Handmade Polymer Clay


Shadesof Whimsy
website: Shadesof Whimsy’s Etsy
Handmade Twitter Birds


Evelyn Fields, USA
website: Evelyn’s Blog
6 Reusable Twitter Snack Sandwich Eco-Conscious Bags


Natasha Wescoat, USA
website: Natasha’s Blog
Twitter Birds


  1. I love all of these. I’d love to have one sitting on my shop counter to invite Twitter followers! Gorgeous! I love your Mums the best. Does she sell them???

  2. Very nice collection. Me too collected some funny images of twitter addiction, you can find them on my link :)

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